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Red Wines

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California wines are rich in history. Who hasn't heard of Cabernet, Merlot - Napa, and Sonoma! The newest American Viticultural Area is in Wisconsin thanks to recent developments in crossing delicate wine grapes with the wild grapes of the north that thrive in a bone chilling climate. 
Imagine a rich, earthy, tannin-laden California grape mixed with it's Northern Wisconsin grape cousin!  We did - and we bottled it!

Cabernet Sauvignon - $19.75

2018 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition - Silver

The Cabernet grape is grown in Lodi, California in the Borra Vineyard. Since it is fermented in Wisconsin it takes on a different quality than a California Cab. 

Dry red with an amazing black fruit nose. Well-balanced tannins and firm structure.

Marquette - $17.75

6th Annual International Cold Climate Competition - Silver 


Marquette is born from a cold climate grape developed in 2006; it shares lineage with Pinot Noir. Minnesota wants to make this the state grape. We love it in Wisconsin!

Dry red with cherry and blackberry notes.

Merlot - $19

The Merlot grape comes from the Borra Vineyard in Lodi, California. It is processed with love in Wisconsin. 

Dry, complex red with softer tannins and layers of spicy black cherry and berry nose. You'll also detect a hint of orange peel and plum.

Spring Thaw - $17.75

A blend of Merlot, Cabernet, Frontenac, Syrah, and Petite Pearl grapes. California meets Wisconsin in every bottle!

Semi dry red with an amazing aroma of currant and black cherry. Well-balanced with a long, fresh finish. 

Red Sunset - $15.75

7th Annual International Cold Climate Competition - Bronze 


Marquette and Frontenac grapes play well together in every bottle. 

Semi-sweet with well-balanced soft tannins, a smokey aroma, ad notes of black cherry and vanilla. 


Northern Lights - $16.75

Just like the northern lights dance across the sky, this sweet nectar will dance across your palate and surprise you with a Door County Cherry tart yet sweet finish.

Sweet and well-balanced Frontenac grape and Montmorency cherry blend. 
















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