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Our Team

Cold Country Vines & Wines has the best team in the business.  Every member takes their job seriously and cares about how their actions will affect the qulaity of the wine and the experience of our customers.


Kay & Jay    Stoeger


Kay and Jay do a little of everything from sticking young vines into the ground to working in the Tasting Room.


Robin Schneider
Production Coordinator

Robin takes care of the grape from the time it gets picked until the time it's bottled. He's also our record keeper, fix it man, etc, etc, etc!!!


Amy Piontek
Cellar Master and Vineyard Care

Amy grew up with farming and she is a natural.  She makes sure everything gets done right so that we have pure and perfect wines.


Mary RoethleVineyard Oversight

Mary loves the vineyard and it shows.  Since Mary joined our team several years back, the vineyard looks better and better each year.

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